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Tips & Tricks for Caring
for your New Hydroseed


After the hydroseed has been applied, wait 24 hours before watering. Your watering schedule will vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions, and you will receive an information package upon the completion of your project.
The hydroseed and ground should stay moist, but not over- saturated with water. You may contact Kemptville Grass at any time for more information regarding watering.


It is important to follow these instructions to achieve optimal results and avoid damaging your new lawn:

Fertilizing &
Weed Control

Select a slow release, high nitrogen fertilizer to apply to your dry grass after 3-4 weeks. To avoid damage, apply evenly, and do not apply too much. As your grass thickens over time, it will become strong and healthy and choke out many of the weeds.
Do not use any type of herbicide for at least 3 months. Please contact Kemptville Grass with any questions or to book an appointment to have the fertilizer applied.

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Hydroseeding is a one-step application to keep costs low.