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In order to achieve optimal conditions for grass, a proper ground preparation should be done before hydroseeding. This is why we offer power raking your existing topsoil, which is the process of grading, blending, resurfacing. You might also consider adding top dressing to your existing topsoil if your soil is not rich enough in organic matter.

New Lawn

 Hydroseeding is an excellent option for new lawns of any size. After the soil has been prepared, the mix of water, seeds, mulch, and fertilizer will be applied evenly to the entire area. Besides watering, there is no maintenance required until the lawn is ready to be mowed.

Lawn Repair &

Many lawns require partial reseeding on large or small areas due to drought, damage from pets or other animals, or excessive weeds. Kemptville Grass can improve your exisiting lawn by focusing only on those areas that require filling in.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Frank was great at being flexible and made all the arrangements for quality topsoil to be brought in. He installed a French drain in a trouble spot and in conjunction with power raking and spreading soil, Frank spent days here getting the grade just right before he and Julie began the hydroseeding process.
- Nate C
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Terrific service, reasonably priced, very efficient, excellent product and an all round great guy to deal with! Highly recommend Frank and his wife, Julie, at Kemptville Grass Hydroseeding!
- John Irving
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Frank was there the same day. We had a good long chat about the process, agreed an a fixed price and when the time came he was there within a week of me needing him. Even after a washout from a heavy rain storm, he came back and touched things up for me. Less than 3 months later, and having gone through an extremely dry summer, we now have one of the nicest lawn in our neighbourhood. Give him a call. You won’t be disappointed.
- Mark Hyndman
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Frank and Julie power raked out the weeds then added 6 truckloads of topsoil, power raked again and did an amazing job of smoothing it all out. After Hydroseeding we were seeing sprouts of grass in 4 days! It’s been just over 2 weeks now and we will probably be ready to cut in another 2 or 3. Following the water schedule they supply is the key, our lawn looks amazing, thanks to Frank and Julie for a job well done!
- Terry N
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Frank and Julie provide an amazing service. We did 20,000 sf hydro seeding with them and it was during July. The grass came in nicely except for certain bold spots that happened because of huge rainfall and some grading issues. Frank showed up immediately and did the grass touch ups (actually more than was needed). Highly recommended Frank and Julie Kemptville Grass Hydroseeding
-Tom Witek

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Hydroseeding is a one-step application to keep costs low.